Tuesday, July 09, 2013

I Can't Catch Justin Verlander

Certainly not when he's tossing the heat.  But let's be clear.   I don't think I could handle anybody that gets paid to throw a ball for a living.  Hell, I'm pretty sure I can't catch Justin Bieber, let alone Verlander.  But to be fair, Bieber drives a Lamborghini.   At least while in Dubai.  Tool.

Seriously though.  We were at the ballpark to watch the boys in blue against the Tigers.   We went down a bit early to catch some BP although it is only ever the visiting team's batting practice because the Jays are always done well before we get there/the gates open.  Nonetheless, we got to watch Prince Fielder crush some balls off the facia of the 5th level which was pretty impressive.  So anyway, Verlander is out in the field shagging fly balls and shooting the breeze with his compadres.  I'm there with the kids and my glove (I've learned my lesson) looking for a souvenir.  Verlander finally decides to throw one into the crowd rather than back to the ball boys and his gaze lights upon my boys beside me.  He points to me and gives me a soft toss.  Now understand, we're standing in right field above the visitor's bullpen and he's down on the field so he has to throw up and towards us.  Which he does.  With no difficulty.  Obviously.  He's Justin Verlander for crying out loud.  But the ball gets to me just at the apex of it's arc.  I reach out with my glove.  I squeeze.   And it squirts out.  Straight down into the bullpen.  COME ON VERLANDER! PUT A LIL' PEPPER ON IT, WILL YA?

No souvenir BP ball.  Again.  So where is the lesson here?  Can't always get what you want?  Yeah, we've been over that one.  Hope in the face of disappointment?  Yup.  Covered that too.  How about the basics of catching?  Probably a good start.