Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Hard Choices

The writing has been on the wall for some time now.  After last night's game, a loss for the birds, Munenori Kawasaki was optioned to Toronto's AAA affiliate, the Buffalo Bisons.  Everyone knew that, barring injury to another player, when Jose Reyes returned to the big club it would be Munenori that would go the other way.  There was just no room to keep him around without taking a hit elsewhere to the talent on the team.

But what a loss it is to the players, coaches and fans to see him go.  Kawasaki was a spark plug for the team.  He was a fan favourite.  He bubbled with personality.  In a stretch of bad baseball that could have seen many walk away from the 2013 edition of the Blue Jays, he helped keep it fun to watch.  If you haven't seen it, here is some vintage Munenori, courtesy of

The guy has been a joy to watch as a fan; I can only imagine what he is like to be around day to day.  He's got a positive attitude and is always upbeat.  My kids LOVE him.  My youngest has even taken to doing the deep knee bend and hop before he approaches the plate that is part of Munenori's routine.

And that's the lesson for my boys.  In life you will at times face hard choices; you need to look at the situation and make the best decision possible.  From a baseball perspective, the Blue Jays didn't have much by way of options.

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